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Northwest Recreational Baseball

Season Start

Saturday 4/9/16 for D, C, B, A1.
And will end on Saturday 6/18/16.

A-Major will start on 5/8/16.
And end on 6/26/16


D, C, and B will be held from 6/20/16 to 7/2/16

A, and A-Major will be held from 6/28/16 to 7/12/16

All Star Games

All star game will be played on 5/28/16
and will be held at the following places.

D1 -----Monfort Heights
D2 -----Morgan Ross
C1 -----Monfort Heights
C2 -------Morgan Ross
B-1 -----Monfort Heights
B2 ----------Monfort Heights
Concussion in Youth Sports: Ohio's
Return-to-Play Law

*Ohio’s Return-to-Play Law went into
effect on April 26th, 2013*

*Click Above Image*

Click here for the Ohio Department of
Health Concussion Information Sheet
Bridgetown Baseball Association

      2015 1st & 2nd Place
        League Finishers

D1 Red         1st  MRAA    Jason Best
              2nd  MRAA    Scott McEvilly

D1 Blue        1st  MRAA    Scott Mueller
              2nd PRF       Matt Heller

D1 Green     1st  WOAC   Ron Diesel
              2nd  LH         Mike Moore

D2 Red         1st  MHAA    Greg Gervers
              2nd  LH         Bruce Knabe
D2 Blue        1st  MRAA    Jason Bennett
               2nd PRF       Derek Sheafer

D2 Green      1st  CAA       Chris Ogg
               2nd TCYO     Mike Mirizzi

C1 Red          1st  WOAC   Ryan Burke
               2nd  MRAA    Bill Brown

C1 Blue         1st   MRAA    Rob Graff
               2nd  WOAC   Tony Even

C2 Red          1st  MRAA     Mike Graff
               2nd  WOAC    Tim Sexton

B1 Red          1st  MHAA     Dan Shawhan
               2nd  LH          Paul Cooper

B2 Red          1st  PRF       Tom Wallace
               2nd  CAA       Doug Stultz

A1 Red          1st TCYO     Ryan Cushing
                2nd WOAC    Art Kessnick