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Northwest Recreational Baseball

Season Start

Saturday 4/13/19 for D, C, B, A1.
And will end on Saturday 6/22/19.

A-Major will start on 5/12/19.
And end on 7/7/19


D, C, and B will be held from 6/24/19 to 7/7/19

A, and A-Major will be held from 7/9/19 to 7/21/19

All Star Games

All star game will be played on 5/25/19
and will be held at the following places.
Concussion in Youth Sports: Ohio's
Return-to-Play Law

*Ohio’s Return-to-Play Law went into
effect on April 26th, 2013*

*Click Above Image*

Click here for the Ohio Department of
Health Concussion Information Sheet

2018 1st & 2nd Place
League Finishers

U8 National       1st TRAA  Andy Heckman
                   2nd CAA    Phil Czrnecki

U9 National      1st  MHAA  Tony Nicastro
                  2nd  CAA     Jason Holtman

U9 American    1st  TCYO  Alan Markarian
                  2nd  WOAC  Brian Slaven
U10 National    1st  CAA  Aaron Maynus
                  2nd  MHAA Burlie

U11 National    1st  CAA Matt Kolbinsky
                  2nd  CAA Neal Hubert

U11 American  1st  TCYO Chris Taylor
                  2nd  HARR Taron Loos

U12 National    1st  MHAA Dave Parsons  
                  2nd TCYO Mike Mirrizzi

U13 National    1st  WOAC Rob Gierach
                  2nd  MHAA Joe Wohl